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Your Policy. Reference: 97C5-Q2JT-INS

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This email contains the following information

Your Extra Cover for USA Policy

Your Free Roadside Assistance & Why You Need To Refuse "Roadside Coverage" At The Rental Desk

Insurance in United States

Make Changes To Your Policy


Dear Stefan,

Thank you! You have just purchased a RentalCover.com policy on rentalcars.com.
This policy is valid for any rental vehicle in United States and any other country that you visit thereafter.

 To easily make changes to your policy or to access emergency roadside assistance information, download our app for iOS or Android.

 Some rental companies actively sell their "Roadside Assistance Coverage" and encourage you to cancel your RentalCover.com policy. You might be told that their policy does the same thing (it doesn't!) or that it isn't recognised (which doesn't matter!), but it is worth comparing the "Roadside Coverage" from the rental companies with your RentalCover.com policy.


Make Changes To Your Policy


Your insurance policy can be managed on RentalCover.com or you can modify your car and the insurance via your agent rentalcars.com. Insurance cancellations and changes are permitted up to the time of pickup for a full, immediate refund, however your car will have different cancellation rules that you need to check. Many customers who cancel their car often retain their RentalCover.com policy as it is valid for any rental car in United States.


Insurance in United States: An Overview


Your car booking includes CDW ("Collision Damage Waiver") which means there is no deductible "excess" on the vehicle. However any repairs not covered by the CDW can be claimed through RentalCover.com, along with the considerable fees & charges applied by the rental companies and service providers in the event of an accident or breakdown. The "Extra Cover for USA" benefits are outlined below along with instructions for your free Roadside Assistance.

How Does US Insurance Differ From Other Markets?
As your car booking includes CDW there is no deductible excess, those "excess reduction" or "Super CDW/LDW" policies commonly offered by rental companies in the UK, Europe, Australia/NZ, Asia and parts of South America, which reduce your excess from $/£/€1,000-4,000, are not sold by US rental companies.

Please check your car booking to see if it includes:

  • SLI ("Supplementary Liability Insurance"), which provides coverage to injuries & damages to other cars if you are "at fault", and
  • PAI ("Personal Accident Insurance"), which is medical coverage for you and your passengers.

We always recommend that international visitors to the US obtain SLI to provide coverage to injury and property damage to third parties, as it is not compulsory for hire companies to provide coverage to drivers for this in the US (in most countries it is). We also recommend international visitors obtain PAI to provide coverage to medical costs for themselves and their passengers. There is more on PAI and SLI in our FAQs.

 For more about insurance in the US, please read this important FAQ.


Your Free Roadside Assistance: What To Say At The Rental Desk & Your Emergency Contact


 Roadside Assistance: Why You Need To Say "No" To "Roadside Assistance Coverage" At The Rental Desk

At the rental desk you will be offered Roadside Assistance for US$5-10 per day which you do not need to take. Your RentalCover.com policy includes the same benefits plus any "out of pocket" costs such as callout fees, fuel top-ups, towing, storage impound, fuel, battery/windscreen/light replacement and any mechanical repairs. We also cover those fees and charges that the rental company may add to your bill such as Administration Fees, relocation fees (to get your vehicle to its intended dropoff) and "Loss of Use" charges that you are forced to pay while the vehicle is off the road being fixed.

 Roadside Assistance: What To Do In An Emergency

Urgently Hotline is +1-619-478-7064 or (800) 263-5004. We pay Urgently costs on your behalf whereas we reimburse roadside costs that you would pay to your rental company. Emergencies On The Road: What to do depends on the type of damage/accident/breakdown! - Accident/Damage: Call rental company and ask if you can use your preferred towing company (Urgently) rather than theirs. If approved you need to know the delivery point, then call Urgently. - Battery: Call Urgently - Fuel: Call Urgently - Headlights, other lights: Call Urgently - Key loss or keys locked in car: Call Urgently - Mechanical issue: Call rental company and ask if you can use your preferred towing company. If approved you need to know the dropoff point. Then call Urgently. - Tyres: Call Urgently. Note that roadside operators in the US fit the spare tyre rather than replacing the tyre. - Windscreens: Call Urgently When you call Urgently: 1. You will need your RentalCover.com reference number (97C5-Q2JT-INS). 2. Urgently will send a tow truck 3. You will meet the tow truck and if towing is required, go to the delivery point with them. 4. We pay the Urgently costs on your behalf. Visit www.rentalcover.com/claim for fast reimbursement of any roadside or "out of pocket" costs.  

Your “Extra Cover for USA” Policy



Policy Details

Policy Number: AX0DQM8HSK9S. Underwritten by Axa Assistance.

Our Reference Number: 97C5-Q2JT-INS

Insured: Stefan Kale. Additional drivers who are on the rental agreement with you are covered free of charge. 

Coverage Amount: CHF2,200.00 plus CHF270.00 with RentalCover.com's Free Gap Coverage.

Coverage Dates: 01-Aug-2017 to 16-Aug-2017, inclusive.

Date of Issue: 12-Feb-2017

Transaction Notes: The transaction will show on your credit card as RentalCover.com/Cover Genius.

Policy Information

Your Policy: "Extra Cover for USA"

This policy from Axa Assistance includes CHF2,200.00 coverage and can be applied to rental cars from any rental company. It includes free roadside assistance and provides coverage for damages, costs & other fees that are not insured in the LDW policies from your rental company. You can cancel up to the time of pickup.

The policy is specifically designed for visitors to United States whose car booking includes a "CDW" or "LDW" policy. While your rental company's LDW has zero "deductible" (i.e. you don't have to pay a deductible if there's an accident), drivers still face substantial costs for items that fall outside of the scope of the LDW. This policy provides coverage for those items for up to CHF2,200.00, namely:

  • Any damages that are not insured by your rental company.
  • Free roadside assistance from the #1 rated service provider in United States.
  • Roadside repair costs including call out fees.
  • Towing.
  • Storage impound fees.
  • Windscreen, tyre, headlight & mirror replacement/repair.
  • Key loss & replacement keys.
  • Lock out of your vehicle.
  • Loss of hired items such as GPS.
  • Refund of unused rental days if your trip is abandoned due to a medical emergency involving the families of yourself or any other drivers.
  • Loss of use fees that are charged by rental companies to recoup lost sales while their vehicle is being repaired.
  • "Dropoff" fees that are charged by the rental companies to relocate vehicles to their intended destination.
  • Administration costs that are charged by rental companies for processing repairs, insurance, etc.
  • Credit card fees that are applied to all of the above.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers who are on the rental agreement with you are covered free of charge. Those other drivers are also extended the benefit of the reimbursement of unused rental days resulting from a family medical emergency.

Claim Fee

The claim fee on this policy is CHF0.00.

The following are not insured by this policy.

  • Off-road 4x4s that are driven off-road, campervans, motorhomes, minibus or van with 13 seats or more.
  • Driving on unsealed roads.
  • Damages that resulted from a breach of the rental agreement or that contravened local laws.

Further information about these exclusions: View our Product Disclosure Statement.

CHF2,200.00 is sufficient to provide coverage for repair costs and fees that drivers are required to pay on top of LDW (Loss Damage Waiver) policies.

This policy:

  • Provides coverage for additional drivers who are on the rental agreement with you are covered free of charge.
  • Includes free roadside assistance (usually CHF10.00-CHF20.00/day).
  • Provides coverage for towing costs and impound storage fees.
  • Provides coverage for key loss, lock out & key replacement.
  • Provides coverage for windscreen, headlights, tyre, mirror & glass repairs.
  • Provides coverage for car rentals, car shares, loan cars from mechanics & accident replacement vehicles.
  • Provides coverage for dropoff/relocation fees that are charged by rental companies for returning damaged vehicles to their preferred destination.
  • Provides coverage for credit card and processing fees that are applied by rental companies.


Your policy can be cancelled up to the time of pickup.


1. Your invoice is attached to this email
2. Download your PDS (Policy Document)

Price: CHF128.38.

Claims: To make a claim, go to www.rentalcover.com/claim.

See you back at RentalCover.com soon!

The Team at RentalCover.com


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